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Luxury essentials training program

221 will provide you technology and Luxury training by the very best industry experts to help you learn, improve your service and grow your business.

221 Knowledge, training and business development programs are delivered as “Live and Interactive” online courses and then accessible as online streaming.

Our expert specialists have extensive, direct experience, knowledge and expertise in the real estate/fashion/retail/consumer products and luxury industries, markets and businesses.

Our team are Certified and experienced coaches, along with senior facilitators who all share the same values: people first.

“Training designed to deliver extraordinary service to our Luxury Ambassadors”

Gain major advantages and significant benefits by discovering the fundamentals of the luxury sales model and the crucial elements needed to build rapport, establish relationships and gain valuable, useful information from the customer.

The luxury universe

  • Discover The Luxury Universe
  • Understand The Luxury Customer
  • Developing Luxury Network
  • Luxury Portfolio Management
  • Luxury Customer Engagement
  • Initiate Transactions That Will Actually Close